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C# Keyword Morphology: functional categories

The term in parenthesis with each category refers to its similarity in function to a standard English word class.

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keyword context note sub?
datatype (noun)
byte numeric

decimal numeric

double numeric

float numeric

int numeric

long numeric

sbyte numeric

short numeric

uint numeric

ulong numeric

ushort numeric

bool logical returns literal 'true' or 'false'

true logical Boolean literal

false logical Boolean literal

null logical reference-type literal

char character a single character

string character one or more characters

object all base class for all C#
namespace encapsulation upper level

class encapsulation second level

enum encapsulation named enumerated constants, value type

struct encapsulation combines data and functionality

delegate encapsulation defines method signature

interface encapsulation contract
locator (pronoun)

this encapsulation to current instance variable

base encapsulation to base clase implementation variable

using encapsulation simplifies naming, also statement diff cntxt declaratio

value parameter variable frm set; not MS, acpt Mayo 86-9 variable
modifier (adjective)
public type by all

private type by containing only

protected type by containing or derived only

internal member, type assembly level control
abstract class must be instantiated

const field, variable evaluated at compile time

event field, property only += and -= can be accessed

extern method indicates unmanaged

fixed type garbage collector not rmv during math ops

lock object helps threads cooperate

operator method overload operators (also category)

out parameter must be assigned by call method

override method virtual method or interface

params method last parameter accepts multiple same

readonly field assigned once declaration or constructor

ref parameter passed > assigned > passed

sealed class derived from only, has no set

static member applies to type not instance of

unsafe method permits pointer arithmetic in block

virtual class may be overriden by derived class

void method no return

volatile field may be modified by op sys or other thread
statement (verb)


throw exception

goto avoid else spaghetti code

continue also used as branch conditional

method call any method call e.g., myMethod()
branch conditional
if ---- if


switch ---- switch

case selection

default exception

while ---- while loop


for ---- for loop

using scope; also used as locator

continue also used as branch unconditional

foreach ---- foreach loop; also used as operator

try ---- try exception


get not in MS list of keywords

set not in MS list of keywords
operator (adverb)

checked exp, block enforces arithmetic bounds checking enforce

unchecked exp, block prevents arithmetic bounds checking enforce

as binary convert

explicit Mayo 89-90, use with operator convert

implicit Mayo 89-90, use with operator convert

in foreach type (in) IEnumerable; also branch conditional iterative

is true if: matches, derived, implements relational

new constructor as modifier hides member from base (MSDN) call

sizeof struct in bytes returns

stackalloc stack pointer specified value types returns

typeof type as System.Type returns



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