Inductive Parallax

11/21/2010: Inductive Parallax (first discussed at Riehle Opticians Warwick, NY) is a conceptual theory which led to development of The Floater Flicker Training Orb.

It began when Bob Fugett tried to self-describe his brand new severe eye floater to optician Anthony Riehle.

Bob realized he could adjust the large swirl of black squid-like ink in his left eye away from his direct line of vision by a slight downward flicking of his eyeball followed by an slow arrested return back up to horizontal.

After his personal experimentation with his own vision that had recently been shockingly affected by the abrupt  appearance of a massive black oil-spill like eye floater, Bob designed a little device that he knew would be of great service to all practitioners who needed to explain the nature, effects, and remediation of eye floaters.

Thus The Floater Flicker Training Orb was born.

Bob's first job was to try and explain his idea to Anthony Riehle, a local optician who had grown to national prominence through his original designs and fabrication of eyewear products that had been distributed by Donna Karen New York (DKNY) and others.

Bob needed a term for something he was experiencing thus: Inductive Parallax was dumped into the lexicon.

More about this as interest warrants...



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