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Hi Kevin : )


> I am putting togther a Sugar Loaf walking map
> and information booth. Found everything I need
> from your website expcept an email address if you
> have one?
> Thanks
> Kevin

No need to publish our E-mail address, the web forms work just fine (as you have seen).

Below are two screen shots of a walking map (13"x19") that I put together for another Sugar Loaf Kiosk in 1998.

You might find they provide a convenient template, so I have linked the original Pagemaker file along with its associated TIF of the map detail.

Right-Click, Save Target As... (on the text links)


Screen shot of: InfoBoard19.zip (3 Mg)

Screen shot of: StrNumLargeHoz.tif (614 Kb)



Thank you for your efforts.

- Bob Fugett


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