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Violence Against Cyclists

 Updated December 26, 2017


Here is the mission statement:

Reliable precise information about attacks
Searchable by location (I will start with zip codes)
Open to all with no advertising

Information about the process found on the Links page.

My name is Bob Fugett.

I want to get the overview for this website online as fast as possible.

During my presentations regarding the attack on me (10/01/12), several other cyclists mentioned similar incidents against them that had gone unreported and of which I was unaware.

Maybe the people who attacked me were counting on the fact these assaults are rarely reported.

Maybe they go unreported because doing so is laborious and time consuming.

No more.

Not only did bicyclists tell me about assaults, harassments, and batteries but also motorcyclists (horrified at what happened to me) also reported similar abuse.

Therefore this website will service both bicycling and motorcycling communities.

My preliminary Google and YouTube searches found most returns for "violence against cyclists" were about cops attacking cyclists.

That is just stupid, because the cops are our friends.

Maybe not our "friends" exactly, as I so quickly learned when I took a swing at one while trying to explain the assault on me, but the police are our allies nonetheless.

Next person who suffers an attack similar to my own will have this site to review for local information and posting their own experience.

Keep what you report in line with the mission statement above, or it will become useless to law enforcement officials.

More details to follow as input forms and data tables are established, but in the meantime you can put information in the American Road Cycling Chatter Box

No signup or real name required, just prove you are human and it will be put into the database once established.

The information given here will be only as helpful as it is reliable, so the reputation of this website must also grow in direct proportion to that reliability.

Make it right.

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