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Violence Against Cyclists



For both motorcyclists and bicyclists this searchable database is designed to purpose for providing quick reference to other similar incidents which may have occurred near the location of an attack where you were the victim. It may reveal a pattern pointing to the individual or individuals responsible.

Do NOT take action on your own: report to the local police. In the extremely rarest of cases where the assailant was a police officer contact their superior or an uninvolved outside organization.

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CityStreetSummaryDescriptionPolice Rpt
11USOHHamiltonCincinnatiHamilton & Rockford PlaceTo poster: be aware database rarely seen, almost never added to, but thanks04/24/2015: Cincinnati, Ohio, passing bus stop at Hamilton and Rockford place. Teenage boy attempted to push me over as I slowly made my way up this steep hill, (on sidewalk here during evening rush hour) on my daily commute. April 24, 2015if you report to police, re-post # from same IP
9USNYOrangeCentral Valley/ WoodburySmith Clove Rdfrom logs review: Google search brought them here03/21/2013: Possibly another attack occured in Woodbury—would not be surprising.

Somebody arrived at this website using a Google search for: "cyclist attacked Woodbury NY" which may indicate another attack occured in or near Monroe, Woodbury, Central Valley, or Cornwall.

The person did not fill out a report for the database (nor see this page), but they did see the page on how to help upgrade YouTube videos info by reposting with additional location information.

7USNYOrangeCentral Valley/ WoodburySmith Clove RdCyclist slapped by kids in car2006: On Smith Clove Rd going southwest, cyclist hit from open passenger side window of car. It was close enough to the top of the downhill near the Golf Course that the cyclist was able to catch the car at the light on 32. Cyclist knocked on the window (now closed) and yelled at the kids inside to never ever do such a thing again. They appeared appropriately unnerved, so no police report was ever filed. Case closed. 
2USNYOrangeCentral Valley/
Smith Clove RdRider physically attacked by two motorcyclists2012: Motorcycle approached from behind and slowed to sneak up on a rider, gunned engine, and violently physically body checked the bicyclest while trying to push him off the road over a guardrail and cliff. At one point the motorcyclist's handlebar throttle was in the lap of the bicyclist.

$1,000.00 reward offered for information leading to the assailants apprehension, prosecution, and conviction.

3USNYOrangeFloridaRound Hill RdTwo cyclists forced off road by ATVTwo bicyclists purposely run off the road by an ATV on Round Hill Road at the end of a regular Saturday morning club ride 
4USNYOrangeGoshenScotchtown AveLocal bike shop owner attackedLocal bicycle shop owner buzzed and possibly tapped by a black Mercedes after an altercation 
1USNYOrangePine IslandCounty Rd 88Flashlight battery thrown hitting cyclist in headA double DD flashlight battery was tossed from a truck (probably a farm truck) which was loudly approaching from behind and the battery hit the cyclist in the back of the head. Fortunately he was wearing his helmet plus it did not hit him elsewhere. 
5US    Female bicyclist hit by passenger of motorcycleMotorcycle passed close from behind while the female passenger reached out and forcefully hit the bicyclest 
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