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Violence Against Cyclists

 Updated February 05, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this website not do?

This website is not in any way an agency of law enforcement. In fact it is somewhat adversarial to police and similar agencies and may step on the toes of those who are officially commissioned to handle this sort of information. Too bad: we have the right, but treat police officers and all the information posted here with respect if you hope to be listened to.

This website does not provide legal advice. Check with a professional and be responsible for your own actions. Do not do anything stupid like trying to handle retribution on your own. There are much better ways that are much longer lasting.

The content of this website is for personal informational purposes only, will do nothing in court, very little at your local precinct (maybe even counter productive), and is only meant to help establish where instances of bad action may be reoccurring in a given location and so point to a possible individual of interest. It might help you to get your bearings, but remember the weight of this statement falls on "possible" and may or may not help in your particular case. At least there will be a record of your assault for the time being (available to the public) while a police report will give a permanent record (but not aggregated anywhere else so far as I know).

This website is not a place to chronicle the license plate numbers or names and addresses of people who have harassed you. We only care about what the event was like and where it happened in the most generalized manner. We are not coming to take care of any business on your behalf, nor should you. You should give such information to the police. However, if you find three events of similar circumstance described on this website for a given location you can almost be assured they will listen...if the information provided has the ring of truth and legitimacy. We have only made reporting and review of similar localized circumstance easy, prompting action by local law enforcement poses its own set of difficulties.

This website is not a place to report run of the mill events where a car cuts you off rudely but inadvertently, or even where some old lady texting her grandkids hits you head on at 50 or 60 miles an hour and you are dead. There is not enough storage on the entire internet to take care of the number of those happenings. Cycling among cars is dangerous and there are plenty of stupid people to go around. Reckless endangerment is unlikely to occur in the same location again by the same person. This website is for all out acts of aggression which were a purposeful assault with or without associated battery or the reverse with or without much bodily harm. That is to say pure evil with contact.

On second thought, maybe we should post such happenings such as inadvertent behavior that keeps happening in the same place as in some old man looking down at the phone in his lap and watching porn before he gets home. Probably it is a case that both malevolent and chronically reckless people are going to do it again, in the same place, and maybe to somebody you actually care about. So lets hear about it. I'll make a drop down list to distinguish types of assault.


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