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Violence Against Cyclists

 Updated December 26, 2017

How To Help
Won't cost you a thing!

An absolutely free, very simple, and powerful way to help.

Repost YouTube Videos with more detailed descriptions to enhance their searchability.


Change this


To this

Most people post videos that may never be found due to lack of two elements:

1) Location information
2) Detailed text descriptions (without jargon)

Solution: Repost videos you find and add more detailed descriptions.

Just a few extra postings expanding description details makes it much more likely that logical searches will find the video.

For instance, a YouTube search for "bike Woodbury" (without quotes) found a thumbnail of a bicycle on a guardrail.

It was halfway down the second page.

That caught my eye, because one of the motorcyclists who attacked me tried to push me over a guardrail and down a cliff.

Turns out it was not the video I was looking for, but here is what can be done with searches.

Here is my original search.

Here is page 2 of that search.

Here is the video that was found halfway down page 2.

Of course it was not the video I am looking for, but let us suppose it was, and the description held just a little more relevant information.

I could have searched for bike Woodbury "old camera" "not my best" (no quotes for bike Woodbury) and it would be found twice on page 1 (the only page returned).

So a search for "bicycle attack" which returns 590 results could be expanded to "bicycle attack Woodbury NY" and the video hoped for could be at the top or even the only return as shown in the images from an iPod search at the top of this page.

It will only take one or two people reposting a video while adding their own language...and those criminals are caught.



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