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Violence Against Cyclists

 Updated December 23, 2018


Bicycling & the Law - Amazon link to essential book that should be your first stop source, read it, learn it.

Mionske, Bob. 2007. "Bicycling & the law : your rights as a cyclist." Boulder, Colo.: VeloPress : Distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Publishers Group West. ISBN: 9781931382991 (pbk. alk. paper), 1931382999 (pbk. alk. paper)


Bike rage - Wikipedia article providing some basic context

Aviation Safety Network - to be used as a model for development of the Violence Against Cyclists database

Found this after deciding the Violence Against Cyclists Database should follow a Wiki process in order to survive my own input. The ASN network is similar in concept and will work as a model but will need significant reworking for chronicling purposed attacks on cyclists. Still many of the basic elements are there so it will work well as an outline to help focus efforts.

Equipoise Equine Database - one of my previous database designs which has been online since 1993

This is one of the earliest Equine sites on the Internet posted the first year of the World Wide Web. The name was changed in 2010 due to the traffic that was being attracted because of a drug with the same name. It will add to the model for development

Endico Watercolors - another one of my designs with underlying database established in 1985

This one focuses on graphics as the central content plus organizational and navigational control. Of course its design and underlying technology will also be incorporated into the VAC database.


The Process

In 1997 while a member of the Town Planning Board, I was asked to and did begin a resource list for the Town of Chester, NY. In line with that I hosted the Town website on my personal server but little content was added due to officials actively avoiding establishing a record of their activities.

During that time I had been establishing my own database using early and unreliable laptop computers to take notes during meetings till the computers eventually were stable enough that I could actually develop the database in real time during meetings.

Below are links to screen shots of three (3) of the input screens showing some of my meeting notes plus an index report the information of which is still online at:

 [ Screen 1 | Screen 2 | Screen 3 | Index Report ]

As for the resource list, at the time I believed the lack of input I was getting was a result of people not understanding the technology but realized the true facts after my main contact was convicted of embezzling Town funds, the Town Engineer was forced out of his post by the DEC (caught fudging sewer numbers), and the Town Attorney came within a day of indictment by the NYS Attorney General for some sort of typical scam.

I considered my final duty as Planning Board Member was the afternoon I sat with an FBI agent in my backyard begging him to see if he couldn't possibly do something about the situation. Nicest guy I ever met, but his position was, "Yes, we would love to, if only we had a smoking check." [ My words, not his. ]

In any case, I am very adept at the sport of windmill tilting, but for the current Violence Against Cyclists Database I have decided to take a wait and see attitude and only develop elements as needed.

That explains the very sparse database page at present. It will grow along with the needs of those who use it.

I can do it all, but I will not waste time getting ahead of this curve...too much to do tracking down my own attacker out in the real world, somebody who is likely to be very surprised those final moments of finding out who (what) he tried to kill.

Not that I am about to kill him (her or it), there are better ways to achieve justice.

Took me 35 years to find a Copperhead and nobody even knew where it was.

Somebody knows where this person is.


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