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If you got to this page by clicking  on Bob Fugett, BA, MA, PhD: be aware that in fact I have no degrees (none whatsoever) and have only the slightest academic credential.

I am currently working on the final 1.5 semesters of second year French in order to complete a B.A. in English Literature from MacMurray College, Jacksonville, IL. I began the work in 1968 and would probably be finished already, but I can't shake the feeling that I should be able to write The Great French Novel on completion of the French II course. Therefore I've become a little compulsive in my study, which has migrated to Linguistics.

In any case it is unlikely anybody will come across the KeyTap® home page, read through to the bottom and act on reliance of my statement of credentials; so these fauxdentials merely serve as an example of how one should be careful about what is found on the web, especially if you gave out a little gasp when you read them and were encouraged to read on.

Academic credentials aside, I have extensive practical experience gained through work successfully completed on a number of long term, complex projects. That experience is summarized efficiently in the table below. The specifics enunciated are selected and should not be taken lightly nor read as limited to's. If questioned I can support and expand on each claim in great detail.

  For hire: Bob Fugett
  Goals: Free Lance Facilitator
  Title: Epistemologist/Data Recovery Expert/Plumber/Art Career Counselor/Historian
  Summary: My long fruitful life of epistemological inquiry based on a rigorous  investigation of metaphysics, applied through an intense study of pragmatics, ethics, political and existential philosophy—resulting in a somewhat nihilist articulation—awards me the full range of skill sets necessary to engage successfully, on an ad hoc basis, in all areas mentioned above and more. My preparedness for impromptu work on a variety of useful tasks is unflagging, unfaltering and unfathomable.
  Fees: Due to my absolute refusal to work for money my services are priceless.
  Member:  Modern Language Association

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