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Looking for SlingShot Keytap per Strava?
You have arrived.

I never talk to anybody who is not giving me either
shitloads of money or a smidgeon of academic credit.

Books and CD

Cover : Print Version
Botanical Rain: the semiotics of an enduring Endico image
Print Version ISBN: 978-0-9827073-1-9

Cycling Performance Simplified Impulse and Strength Factory Preset Vera City French On Fire  Endico : Prolific London, Ohio: an American dream Delattre Preservation Project The Spin Bitch Chronicles : she made us faster
Cover : Hardcover Print Version


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Know the sound of one hand writing.
The Sound of One Hand Writing

KeyTap Memos Project Manager
KeyTap Project Manager

Equipoise : Homepage

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To confirm authenticity of Bob's Twitter account,
his first Tweet is embedded below:

Twitter comments answered here.

And while we're at it (with regard to Bob),
on Facebook you might have found the Bob Fugett Page,
or among other Facebook Bob Fugetts there is Bob's own Bob Fugett.

Bob's Official Facebook page

Do NOT sign up just to see the full content copied below:
      Oops, somebody didn't get the memo.

Bob's Official Facebook page

And of course my Linked In which I have never, and will never, check:

Bob's Official Linked In page

In any case, Bob cannot waste time yakking online because he has established the Sugar Loaf University Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts and is busy finishing up licensing and accreditation.

That project is too important to waste time on anything else, so Bob has established the policy of never talking to anyone unless they are paying him shitloads of money or giving him a smidgen of academic credit.

Academic credit is worth more than money.

The best way to contact Bob is by dropping by the Endico Watercolor Studio in Sugar Loaf NY, where you will find Mary Endico enforcing the same policy with regard to getting through to him.

Mary agrees the Sugar Loaf University PhD Program in Studio Arts is top priority.

Now expanded info about KeyTap.


Full KeyTap Publications Catalog:

Books and CD

Cover Image Name Status Availability
Cover : Print Version

Botanical Rain

the semiotics of an enduring Endico image



ISBN: 978-0-9827073-1-9

Endico studio, Sugar Loaf, New York

Amazon, eBay

Free online: endico.com

Cover : Hardcover Print Version

Endico Curator's Guide

haute conduite watercolors


     Print Hardcover
     Online PDF

ISBN: 978-0-9827073-3-3 (PDF)

Endico studio, Sugar Loaf, New York

Amazon, eBay

Free online: endico.com

Impulse and Strength: playing musical instruments toward perfection

Impulse and Strength

playing musical instruments toward perfection


From Amazon, eBay, and (free online) at FugettSound plus bookstores and libraries everywhere.

Online classic KeyTap book format, ePUB, HTML roll my own

Cycling Performance Simplified: an essential guide for training top level cycling performance using next generation power meters

Cycling Performance Simplified

an essential guide for training top level cycling performance
using next generation power meters


In production Online in new KeyTap book format
Factory Preset

Factory Preset

first of its kind music CD


Live From Amazon, eBay, iTunes, and (free download) at FugettSound plus music stores, and online music sales everywhere.


Sugar Loaf Guild

Sugar Loaf, NY journeyman full time
working artists and artisans

Historic photos already available.

In Process

Know the sound of one hand writing.
Sound of Writing

The Sound
of One Hand

Know the sound!


* former domain name site: The shortest, most comprehensive course in creative writing in the history of all known universes ... even this one. Online
KeyTap Memos Project Manager

KeyTap Memos
Project Manager

of the KeyTap®


infinitely scalable essential project management controller for the most efficient and successful production process  
Vera City: the unauthorized story of Scarves and Blouses by Vera Neumann as told by a design studio insider

Vera City

the unauthorized story of Scarves and Blouses by Vera Neumann
as told by a design studio insider


In production Online (3 chapters)
French On Fire

French On Fire

the physical basis of French articulatory phonetics and phonology


In production

Upgrade cover; proof format, references, and text

Hidden during proofing (could confuse beginning students)
Endico : Prolific




In production

Port current Curators' Guide info to new KeyTap book format and expand

Hidden during production
The Spin Bitch Chronicles : she made us faster

Spin Bitch Chronicles

she made us faster


New book format complete.

Next: align classic left; port to print, Kindle, ePub

Online in new KeyTap book format as well as classic html.
London, Ohio: an American dream

London, Ohio

an American dream


In production Online (live Google links to Internet historic photos and Forum to gather more info)
Endico : Homepage


tracking the nearly 20,000 paintings of Mary Endico sold world wide

Live Online
Equipoise : Homepage


one of the earliest equine sites on the Internet, now orphaned

Live Online
American Road Cycling : Homepage



Live Online
SLU's SNHU : Homepage



Live Online

Special Rip-Off (Research Only)

Delattre Preservation Project

Delattre Preservation Project

Bob's personal use copy


A Middlebury College Publication posted here for research purposes only, a copy of the seminal Delattre book on French pronunciation with corrective exercises for American English students.

It was put online so Bob wouldn't wear his printed version to shreds.

For research only online.

And two really weird projects

Good for what ails ya!
Plećbo *


Nutritional supplement and economic recovery booster

Good for what ails you!

* former domain name site

In Process

Violence Against Cyclists
Violence Against

Database for attacks against cyclists, posted to help track down some bad actors.

* former domain name site

In Process

Bonus Info

Doesn't play well with others.  

Bob Fugett

doesn't  play well  with others


No production... just a fact Google



Otherwise, the linguistics aspects of KeyTap® (at least in the academic sense) have been backburnered.

After extensive research to find an online academic program appropriate to the study of linguistics along with computer technology combined in the context of an upper level multi-disciplinary program, I find a wide chasm still exists between computer studies and a broader studies in the humanities, at least so far as formal degree programs are concerned.

Unfortunately, computer software development is still considered a technical track, while upper level humanities programs are themselves designed merely for acquiring managerial credentials. Sadly, this assures computer professionals are denied access to the big picture, while administrators in government, corporate and academic positions will continue to be forced making wide-sweeping decisions about powerful and ubiquitous infrastructure technologies of which they know very little. As yet, there are no formal programs which effectively combine the two interests (Humanities and Computer Science) in a distance learning PhD program.

In any case, following is the archived version of my search for a degree program. It went like this...


KeyTap® is finally back and focused on the original project:

"Iterative Tendencies in Transformational Performance Patterns as Linguistic Universals are Programmatically Applied to Computational Variables being Processed through Interactive Input Rendering."

Yowsa! Sounds like a Ph.D. dissertation title, doesn't it? ...and that's because it is.

If you would like to see how unique the concept is, plus how cleverly I can manipulate the online universe, go to google and search in quotes for: "Interactive Input Rendering"

Maybe you'd also like to look up my current focus which is: "C# Morphology." The term was added to this page 11/20/03 9:14 am. As of 11/29/03 10:20 am, it is appearing as a google search return.

Otherwise, I am investigating the feasibility of using my Equipoise® database as corpora for a study in pragmatics (see notes: Kennedy, 1998) while establishing publication procedures using my [web served home-style] computer and finishing my French requirement.

And yes I am trying to shorten the study title. Maybe to just an initialization like: ITTPPLUPACVPIIR.

Following is a brief history of KeyTap®, which outlines the results of actions based on a 1996 draft outline.

The problem statement in that draft outline was prophetic, but the persistence of the problem remains remarkable. With almost universal availability of personal computers and the Internet in the United States, the number of small organizations that have still not automated their information needs, in any meaningful way,  is surprising.

In 1996 after the first draft outline was completed, the underlying concepts expressed in it were refined and expanded into an application to a Ph.D. program at Walden University. Even though the application defined an active project that eventually led a path away from the dissertation, the results of that very project provided resources enabling me to return to academic life unencumbered by economic pressure.

During my work on the original problem, I maintained over 40 individual web sites. All but one of them were authored and hosted pro bono as community services. I did that in part because as early as 1993 I anticipated the exploding tech bubble and wanted to allow those websites optimum survivability while computer and Internet users came up to speed. Of course, it was the amazing size that the tech bubble reached before bursting which was unexpected.

Anticipating the rise and fall of Internet hyperbole (maybe still not so fallen), then tracking its progress, forced further insight into the original problem which in summary was:

How to design effective strategies for organizing, tracking and maintaining digital information given that the tools used to do it, along with the tracking needs themselves, change over time.

Finally my observations revealed that my collected data held aspects significant to the field of education. By the way, even if you are not in school, is not your place of work also a place of education?

Two of the sites that were part of the original study are linked below. The first is the Endico site which bankrolls the current KeyTap®.  Actually it is not the Endico web site proper which provides support, but the underlying brick and mortar business—of which I am a partner.

The second site is Equipoise® which now functions as a free equine industry resource. It was one of my original KeyTap® projects and ahead of its time. More than 10 years later it is still ahead of its time. However I recently hear rumblings about the larger trade organizations just beginning to approach the problem of universal data access and management in much the same way Equipoise® began doing in 1993. I am confident these organizations will be taking a cue from the Equipoise Videobase.

Equipoise represents  a symbiotic relationship in which I receive data from more than 2500 horse enthusiasts from around the world to use in my own research (developing data control philosophies and technologies), while those who use the site enjoy one of the oldest and best maintained equine resources on the web.

Close readings of the Endico and Equipoise sites offer insight into my philosophy regarding the proper use of digital technology and the Internet. The two sites also act as counterpoint for discussions about problems that still exist in the online world. These two sites are linked below for your convenience, along with a new one for programmers only:

As an academic exercise the KeyTap® web site (that you are now viewing) serves both as an example and a test case addressing issues central to use of the Internet.

Which brings us to Chapter 1: Longevity and Quality - how the bound book beats the online version every time.

Well the bound book is being worked on, but part of finding the best formal academic program* in which to place it, is gathering other books and links to further my study. The growing reference list is at: Linguistics and related links....

Thank you for your interest in KeyTap®.

Bob Fugett
P.O. Box 31
Sugar Loaf, NY 10981-0031

Following is something of interest only to Google bot:

11/21/2010: Inductive Parallax (first discussed at Riehle Opticians Warwick, NY) is a conceptual theory which led to development of The Floater Flicker Training Orb. It began when Bob Fugett tried to self-describe his severe eye floater to optician Anthony Riehle. Read all about it here...

Down here and out of the way

Due to the fact this website has become so venerated and trusted, it always helps me boost a new page or site to the top of Google searches by including a mention of it here.

Therefore, here is a link to The Historic Museum of Sugar Loaf, New York (which might also end up being called The Sugar Loaf Historical Museum, or Sugar Loaf's Historic Museum, or as these things always go people will be calling it just the Sugar Loaf Museum. or merely the Museum.

In any case, if a person gets here by whatever means available, they will not be sorry they took a look at the rich history of Sugar Loaf as a hamlet of full time working artists fulfilling the dream of a tiny Mecca for excellence in the arts.

No harm in putting these links to the Sugar Loaf Guild website here.


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