Sugar Loaf Street Map

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SUGAR LOAF, NY is conveniently located just 1 hour west of New York City in the scenic Hudson Valley and is home to some of the world's top artisans. Visit the Hamlet and find hand crafted orginal work, available directly from the people who spent a lifetime learning their trades.

Street Map

  2. Sugar Loaf Inn Restaurant
  5. Sugar Loaf Deli
  6. Endico Watercolors
  9. Sugar Loaf Gallery
10. Dr. Livingstone's Finds
      Cultural Connection
      The Room Upstairs
11. The Candle Shop
13. The Barnsider Restaurant
16. Gallery Joillaire
18. Rozalisa
19. Carol's Country Classics
      Maggie's Farm
      FSWC Sculptured Wildlife
20. Urban Cybord Tatoo
      Moon Angel
21. Royalty Delights
      Blue Heron Stained Glass
      Sales from the Crypt
22. Designlab
23. Iriniri
24. Artistic Notions
25. Lycian Center
28. The Exposures Gallery
29. Bostree Pottery
      My Favorite Things
30. Curiosities, Inc.
31. Into Leather
32. Boone Wood-de-Signs
33. Stained Glass Treasures
      Artistically Yours
35. Anna Maria's Attic
36. Wood-n-Yarn
37. Scarlet's Closet
39. Rosner Soap
40. Girl Frenz
41. For Goodness Sake
42. Sugar Loaf Cafe
43. Arlene's
44. Sundog Stained Glass Studio
45. Alexandra's
46. My Sister's Closet
47. Sugar Loaf Methodist Church
49. Sugar Loaf Village B & B
51. Imaginations
      Julia Jones of London
      Angel Wing Design
      Treasures in Time
      Sugar Loaf, U.S.A.
52. A Room with a View
      Lil Miss Crocadiles Kids
53. Mulberry Street Grill
55. 18th Century Furniture
58. Sumari & Friends
59. Little Hawks
      Tarot Reader
      Ki Martial Arts


Travel Maps: [ Area | Detail | Photo | Street | Directions ]

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