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Welcome to the KeyTap® web sites! They provide access to the finest publications in print, paint, video, film, music, audio, digital mediums and the physical arts.  Here you will find links to creative and culturally significant expression in a range of artistic endeavor, community organization and other specialized interest.

The combined influence of the Internet and World Wide Web imparts increasingly profound impact on the process of publication. Even the very definition of "publication" has changed to mean an increasingly dynamic and immediate ongoing event. Diverse elements from numerous fields now combine into a single art form:

  • The Art of Information

Following the new definitions, KeyTap® offers interactive online information for contact with primary sources and direct purchase of items and services that previously could have been only the "subject matter" of traditional publications.

We proudly present the results of our efforts for your review, enjoyment and selection. Use the ribbon at the left to go to individual sites, then the navigation bars provided at the top and bottom of the main screen to move around within each site. Group sites include an additional top level banner for providing links to aggregate information and navigation.

KeyTap® does not accept unsolicited materials but does conduct ongoing research to find appropriate publishable works and items for inclusion in the KeyTap family of products.

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