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Sumari & Friends Fine Crafts

Sumari & Friends Fine Crafts

Sumari began working in clay in 1977 and has a BFA from The College of New Rochelle in New York. Originally a painter, Sumari often combines her skill as a potter with her desire to paint, carve and embellish.

Sumari pirmarily creates one of a kind pottery pieces while constantly experimenting with new techniques. Her porcelain and metal jewelry combine several processes and include semi precious bead accents. Silver, knotted hemp and beaded rings, bracelets & necklaces are her newest additions. Various painted funiture & carved wooden pieces are also available.

Originally from NYC and then Pennsylvania, Sumari has recently returned to NY and is working in Sugar Loaf. Her fine pieces are found in many private collections throughout the United States, Europe & Japan.

Forest Pot - Sumari
Forest Pot
Ear Riings - Sumari
Ear Rings
3 Pins - Sumari
3 Pins
Open Pot - Sumari
Open Pot
Terra Pots - Sumari
Terra Pots
Pendants - Sumari
Soup Set - Sumari
Soup Set

Sumari & Friends
P.O. Box 497, Wood Road & Kings Highway, Sugar Loaf NY 10981-0497
Phone: (914) 469-2133        11-5:30, Wed-Sun

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